I guess we’ve all wondered if there’s a way to sync up the footage and audio in iMovie before. Adobe Premiere has audio sync feature, FCP X also has an option to use audio to match clips, but somehow iMovie was forgotten and this feature is nowhere to be found. You could always try PluralEyes / Woowave , but that doesn’t solve the main problem: How to sync up your audio in a simple, yet robust fashion? Something as simple as , Select a shot, and its dual audio recording, and just ask an app to replace the bad audio with the HQ recording? Is there such a software that could do this? Well, there is an app for that too now :) It’s simply called Sync’N’Replace , and integrates as Finder extension. So the next time you’re going to sync up audio, you can select a shot, its unlinked audio in Finder, right click and select “Replace Audio” . In a couple of seconds, you end up with a copy of the shot with great sound. Once you got this, you can continue working in iMovie like a pro. Thanks for reading this, and since I am the developer behind the app, I would appreciate if you buy the app through App-Store. Just search for Woowave / Sync’n’Replace. Alternatively, visit edit8.com or find me on twitter @tools4editors If you think you got an idea that could make editing more pleasurable experience, please do write and I may consider it next time I work on an app.

Woowave Sync’N’Replace costs only $4.99 and is available through Mac AppStore.

Install Instructions

Once you download the DMG file, and move the app to Applications folder, you will need to run the app once.
Then quit the app from the top left app menu.You can then start the app again. This should enable the extension, which will show in your System Preferences->Extensions panel.
If it's not yet enabled, you will need to enable it there.

Usage Instructions:

Go to some folder where you got video/audio files. Select at least one Video and Audio file, and Right Click.
The first time you do this, the app will ask you to authorize its sandbox file access. You need to Add location to approved locations list. You can freely select your whole hard drive or just the folder where you want to work.This is done only once.
Then you can go back select the media files and Right Click-> Synchronize(Replace Audio).
The processing times vary depending on the media duration.
Roughly, it takes a second for each minute of footage.If you haven't got the sync results as expected, you can open the Main app and use the threshold slider to adjust sensitivity.
Then you can go and try the sync again as needed. If you got any questions regarding installation/usage, please don't think twice of contacting us at support@edit8.com

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