Our audio sync software analyzes audio in video clips and creates synchronized sequences ready to be edited

How we fare compared to other tools?

You are free to test our apps, some of them have free versions, and see for yourself the amount of research that went into making our audio sync engine state of the art tool for editors all around the world.

We are currently working on many other tools, especially implementing tools that utilize MXF/AAF standard specs. Your support by buying some of our tools will enable us to bring more tools to the market and price them to be affordable by all


Try the fastest Audio Synchronization App on Mac

You don't have to take our word for it, just download the Finder extension for example, select few video/audio files and sync them. Not only it will synchronize the files, it will create a fully new media file ready to be edited straight away.

We have put years of research into new audio features to make our audio sync engine superior to any other tools available on the market.

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try Sync'N'Replace , the must have Finder extension for every video editor.